Sam's book is very prominently displayed in German bookshops.

Sam (left) at his brother's wedding to Jill in 1975. They are with their 

elderly aunt, who is Sam's father's sister.

Two pictures of Sam with his elder brother Nathan in London. Circa 1950s

Sam, with Rwandan genocide survivor Hyppolite Ntigurirwa. Two people who have escaped death more than once. 

Sam with his ghost writer, Mei Trow, who so effectively brought Sam's story to the page. 

Sam in the old Jewish cemetary in Warsaw. Miraculously the Nazis did not destroy it. 

Sam lecturing Jewish students on the newest ramp at Birkenau.

Sam, shortly after liberation in Neustadt May 1945. 

The Cap Arcona

The Cap Arcona after it was bombed by the British with Sam on board.

Sam with artist David Bruer-Weil. It was David's suggestion that Sam write his book.

This is the original ramp from which Sam worked at Birkenau before the rail line was extended into the camp itself.

The new ramp that was built into the Birkenau camp. This now iconic image is what most people now think of as 'The ramp', but the original Birkenau ramp where Sam worked is now largely forgotten.

This photo shows the view of the main Birkenau entrance gate from the perspective of the original ramp. This would have been the view that Sam would have seen. Lorries were used to transport the victims from here, through the entrance gate then beyond to the gas chambers.

This is the first of two drawings of the original ramp in action. It was created clandestinely in the camp and concealed in a bottle that was hidden in one of the barracks in Birkenau. It was found in 1947. The identity of the artist is not known.

This is the second drawing of the original Birkenau ramp by the unknown artist.

Two recent pictures of Sam with Jill, his sister-in-law, and friend Ray.

Sam's book on sale in Foyals London (right) and Waterstones London (left).

Sam, with Hyppolite Ntigurirwa, Miriam Freedman, who is also a holocaust survivor and Philip Appleby (far right) who has been instrumental in the publications of survivor stories, including Sam's.